Sample Report
The Inspection
A home inspection will help you know in advance what to expect from your new home.
The inspector will provide a thorough, unbiased inspection of the property.
It will be a visual inspection using the latest in specialized inspection technology.
Your inspection will include a full and easy to understand report with photos including:


Exterior:  walls, gutters, decks, steps, soil grading, retaining walls, doors, windows, garage, soffit/fascia, window wells.


Roof:  roof covering, chimney/vent, flashing, plumbing vents, skylights


Structure:  foundation, footings, posts/columns, beams/joists, floor slab, wall framing, basement walkout, sub floors, roof framing.


Electrical:  service entrance, service size, main/sub panels, grounding, fuses/breakers, circuit wire, switches/outlets, lights.


Heating:  heat source, furnace, boiler, electric baseboard etc., heat exchanger, fuel piping, ducting, humidifier, air filter.


Air Conditioning/ Heat pump:  condenser, evaporator, and pipes


Insulation:  attic, basement, vapour barriers, ventilation


Plumbing:  supply, waste, water heater, all fixtures (sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, etc.)


Interior:  walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, skylights, cabinets/countertops, stairs, fireplaces, solariums.


A typical inspection takes approximately 3 hours at the house plus report editing.


All inspection results are documented and delivered to you in a detailed easy to understand report along with digital imaging by end of the same business day via email. 


As part of the inspection I welcome and encourage you to attend to review my findings first hand and your specific questions can be readily answered or explained.

Ask about Thermal Imaging at no extra charge, to help identify potential issues with items such as water seepage, leaks, insulation efficiency and electrical.  
Home Inspections St. John's, NL
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